The World Has Gone Mobile

Utilizing all of Code2Action’s services, your business can be at your fingertips. The world has truly gone mobile, so it’s time for your business to do the same.

Let Code2Action help.

What We Offer

Instant Audio / Video Messeging

With Code2Action’s audio messaging blast system, we put the power to send out a custom audio slideshow to your contacts within minutes.

Code2Action’s proprietary audio messaging blast system works like this:

When setting up your campaign, either you or one of our mobile marketing consultants uploads a series of still frames to our message broadcasting network. You select from a wide variety of available background music or, upload your own soundtrack. Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Let’s say it’s early Tuesday night and there are just of a few more empty tables at your sports tavern then you would like. Anyone at your location, or, for that matter, anywhere in the world, can call into our Code2Action audio messaging blast system, enter your uniquely assigned authentication code, and record an offer that nobody can refuse.

Mobile Coupons

Our unique coupon wizard provides a built-in redemption feature which includes automated barcode creation, promotion code development, and more. Choose a custom picture or a simple and effective sms, or both.

Social Media Interaction

You can send offers, messages and sales alerts directly to your Facebook and / or Twitter pages. Displaying your offers on these social networks can increase offer participation amongst your fans and followers.

Text to Win

Mobile contests allow you to create effective and easy to manage promotions, all through the mobile phone. Pick your prize, then simply have your audience text in with your mobile keyword to enter.

Mobile Kiosks

Have a lot of traffic in and out of your store? Code2Action’s Mobile Kiosks are perfect for letting your customers know about daily specials, group deals, and overall discounts as soon as they walk in. Offer exclusive deals to new customers who sign up with Code2Action’s Mobile Kiosks.

Want to offer in-store coupons? Utilize Mobile Kiosks with in-store coupons. With a single scan of a QR Code, your customers can have access to one day coupons.

Appointment Manager

Our appointment management tool allows you to send out appointment confirmations and reminders so you can save time and manage your business more efficiently. How would you like to have your business save precious time and increase sales quickly and efficiently?

Appointment based businesses such as doctor’s offices or hair salons have to stay on top of appointments to make sure they aren’t missing out on big business.

With the Appointment Manager, tool you can send 2-way text alerts that allow your customers to confirm from wherever they may be. Customers that cannot make their appointments can be quickly rescheduled resulting in a dramatic decrease in cancellations and no-shows.

Our customers show up to a 70% response rate, leaving you with only 30% of calls to make. Less time spent on the phones equals much more free time for you to get more business.

Trackable Analytics

Code2Action's proprietary Analytics System will allow you to learn more about your clients. That knowledge can lead to an overall growth in sales and help improve marketing.

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